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Opal Nazar (Evil Eye) Anklet

nazar (also known as "evil eye") is an important belief in several cultures across the globe. nazar is thought of as a force that can cause misfortune by the gaze of someone who does not have the best intentions for you, such as jealousy (hence the term evil eye). in order to ward off this harmful gaze, evil eye beads are commonly found in jewelry to protect oneself.  in the middle east, specifically turkish culture, nazar boncuğu (meaning evil eve bead) can be found in almost every household! our founder designed this beautiful anklet with this tradition in mind; wear this opal piece to ward off bad luck. 

 about this piece:  

✓ 8" anklet + 2" extender (adjustable)
✓ 24k gold plated chain, opal evil eye charm
✓ price listed for one anklet