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about us

Our Beginning:

Founded in 2016, Mistclue Jewelry is the brand of 19-year-old college student turned entrepreneur, Seray. Beginning as a small passion project, Seray handcrafted rings and bracelets and passed them out to fellow classmates during class for fun. As her designs grew in popularity, she formed Mistclue Jewelry at the beginning of her sophomore year, not expecting the significant growth which was about to come. Seray ran her business while being a full-time student in college; from sleepless nights to post office runs in between class, Mistclue Jewelry took off exponentially within the first year of business, and over the course of her college life grew from a one-woman dorm operation to a fast expanding company loved globally. 

The Inspiration: 

As the daughter of immigrants, Seray would often visit her grandmother during summers throughout her childhood where she would watch her handcraft bead bracelets. With a creative eye and strong work ethic, Seray began purchasing cheap supplies and crafting her own designs in her spare time. As interest in her work increased, materials were upgraded in quality ranging from 24k gold fill to sterling silver. The name Mistclue Jewelry comes from a made-up word Seray created but has significant meaning to her. As with several others just starting college, Seray honestly did not have a clue about which path she should take for the next few years. Mistclue represents that it is okay not knowing what the future looks like, but to always look forward to new possibilities. 

Behind the Scenes:

Our items are carefully handcrafted with attention to detail and quality assurance to make sure your jewelry is perfect. Everything is done with care from designing to creating to packaging to shipping!

Setting the rainbow moonstone for our Dainty Moonstone Bracelet:




Perfecting the details on our packaging: