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lets talk materials

 a common question that we get is: how long will my jewelry last? here we detail some of our most commonly asked questions regarding materials. providing affordable yet high quality products are very important to us as a brand. read on below for the deets! (in no particular order):

14K/22K/24K GOLD PLATED: this is one of the most common processes used in jewelry. if you see this in your item description, it basically means that your jewelry is coated by a thin layer of gold. the number in front lets you know the karat of gold that is being used - the higher in karat you go, the purer the gold is. 24k gold is the highest you can go meaning that this is pure gold! its important to note that gold plating always has a base metal - generally brass or copper. this is what makes gold plating a very affordable option in jewelry since base metals are not considered precious. now we get to the common question: so how long will my jewelry last before it tarnishes? will it ever tarnish? the short answer is yes. gold plated jewelry will eventually tarnish as the gold plating will come off. in order to avoid this from happening, its important to shield your jewelry from any moisture! take off your pieces before showering, washing hands, working out, etc. this will ensure the longitivtiy of your beautiful gold plated jewelry for up to 2 years. As fashion trends change, so does your own personal style and jewelry collection! Gold plated is great for anyone who wants to pay a low price for jewelry that will serve its purpose for limited periods of time.  

GOLD VERMEIL:  gold vermeil jewelry involves a process where a thick layer of gold is plated over sterling silver. gold vermeil is a great alternative to solid gold or gold fill pieces due to it's lower price and tarnish resistant nature (with proper care of course!) gold vermeil will not tarnish if you avoid moisture and make sure to take off your jewelry overnight! gold vermeil can tarnish without proper care but can remain like brand-new for several years if taken care of! 

14k GOLD FILLED: gold fill is also common in our jewelry materials. gold fill, contrary to the name, doesn't actually involve gold being filled anywhere - its simply another type of plating over a base metal except thicker - specifically 5% gold by weight. This process ensures that the gold plating over brass will NOT tarnish for years (it can last an entire lifetime if cared for properly!) However because of the higher gold content, gold fill jewelry increases in price compared to gold plated. as always, it’s a good idea to avoid moisture just to keep your jewelry shiny and in top shape ✨

STAINLESS STEEL: stainless steel is extremely durable and very tarnish resistant! its a great option for rings because you don't have to remove it before washing hands frequently and it will NOT turn your fingers green! stainless steel can also be plated with gold using ion plating - basically a method in which vaporized gold is thinly applied onto stainless steel. because of this thin plating, stainless steel jewelry offers a low price with very high durability! however many stainless steels (with the exception of surgical grade) may contain a mixture of chromium and nickel which can cause an allergic reaction for some people. you may see the term "nickel free" mentioned with stainless steel jewelry; because it is not possible to truly guarantee that there is no nickel in an item, this term often means that there is still small traces of nickel in the material, but since it is such a small amount, it does not cause an allergic reaction for most people. (as a general rule please do not purchase stainless steel jewelry if you are allergic to chromium or nickel!!!) 

RHODIUM PLATED: rhodium is both a very pricey and brittle metal which makes it a difficult material to create jewelry out of - instead, however, its a wonderful and commonly found plating option. rhodium is tarnish resistant and has a beautiful reflective finish which is perfect to plate over brass. just like stainless steel, a rhodium plated ring will not leave your skin green or tarnish easily - plus rhodium is a better alternative to stainless steel if you are sensitive to nickel!

STERLING SILVER: sterling silver a very common jewelry option! its great for those looking to invest in a durable piece, yet still keep costs relatively affordable. 925 sterling silver is generally made up of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper (although copper can be replaced by another metal too). Make sure to take proper care of your sterling silver because it may tarnish with excessive contact with water, but most genuine sterling silver may last for up to 30 years with good care!

PAVÉ JEWELRY: pavé is when an item is essentially paved with small stones (could be diamond, cubic zirconia, or any other stone). this gives the item an extra sparkly look!

CUBIC ZIRCONIA (CZ): cubic zirconia is one of the most common stones used in jewelry! it's a lab created stone which is used as a much more affordable alternative to real diamonds. this beautiful stone is very reflective, durable, and can be made in many different colors. 

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its important to read the item description and check the materials before purchasing the item if you have a specific metal allergy! you'll often see the word "hypoallergenic" on many jewelry sites, but this does not necessarily guarantee that you won't have any irritation. if you begin experiencing any irritation please take off the jewelry right away and consult a medical professional. it's always good to be careful just in case :) 

*all of our jewelry is lead-free. all of our jewelry is nickel free with the exception of items made with stainless steel. all materials used will always be listed in the item description*