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Terms of Use & Agreement


* We {MistClue Jewelry & all company associates} reserve the right to take legal action at any suspicion/attempts at cheating, stealing, or blocking our company {MistClue Jewelry} on one/any media present: {Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mtwjewelry.com, et all). If designated party impedes our {MistClue Jewelry} requirements/rules,  we {MistClue Jewelry} can & will pursue legal action against designated party/parties. Unlawful conduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • attempts to block/avoid/dismiss MistClue {including all company associates} after collaboration agreement has been established via formal written response OR non formal word {Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mistyclue.com, et all}
  • attempts/suspicion to steal MistClue products {in stock, out of stock, not available et al} by failing to cooperate with above regulations {subject to change}. 
  • attempts/suspicion to engage & spread false/misinterpreted/altered information including any reviews regarding MistClue {products, company, associates, et all} as determined by MistClue.

If designated party/parties is determined guilty/suspicioned of above regulations as determined by MistClue, designated party/parties MUST reimburse MistClue monetarily for:

i. item(s) cost 

ii. shipping fee(s)

iii. customs fee(s)

iv. any further fee associated with designated party/parties collaboration as determined by MistClue & all company associates. 

** By sending us {MistClue & all company associates} any form of media {photos, text, mail}, you {designated party/[parties} are agreeing that we {MistClue} own & may use said media for promotional purposes, advertising, and on our {MistClue} social media {Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, mistclue.com, et all}

*** designated party/parties sensitive information is never disclosed publicly unless legally required by law or Shopify regulation.

*MistClue & all company associates have the right to refuse service to anyone. We do not tolerate any sort of threats, ill intent, poor behavior, or malicious emails. If we feel that someone does not comply with our rules, we have the right to refund their order, refuse shipment, or even pursue legal action. Please keep in my mind that we are a very small & honest company working incredibly hard to ensure that all customers have a positive experience. We ask for everyone to show the same respect as we do for them. 

*by placing an order in our store AND/OR using our website, you are agreeing to our terms & conditions.